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Many women in their 40s may find that they have more time at home due to refraining from going out, teleworking, or taking their children out of school or on school holidays. Although they have less opportunity to enjoy makeup and fashion while at home, they can spend more time without makeup, which is ideal for taking good care of their skin.

The three basics for beautiful skin are adequate sleep, a nutritionally balanced diet, and moderate exercise, but if you have skin problems that you want to take care of proactively, adding skin care tools to your regular skin care routine will be even more effective.

Each model of facial device has different features, such as removing dirt from pores and lifting up facial muscles to reduce sagging. In this issue, we explain about "facial device" that allows you to concentrate on skin care in order to make the most of your longer home time. We have carefully selected and introduced different types of facial device, categorized them according to skin problems, and recommended facial device to help you improve your own skin!

Various Types of Facial Apparatuses

Facial device from various manufacturers has different features. By keeping in mind the types of facial device, such as ultrasonic, RF, and ion introduction, you can choose the model that best suits your skin concerns. Some facial device has multiple functions.

Main types of facial device

RF (Radio Frequency) Facial devices deliver heat to the dermis layer of the skin using RF high-frequency electromagnetic waves. By damaging cells, this type of facial device stimulates collagen regeneration, which can be expected to lift up the skin.

Ultrasonic A facial care device that uses ultrasonic waves (high-frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by humans) to cause ultra-high-speed vibrations. It is expected to have a peeling (water peeling) effect that lifts up dirt and dead skin cells in pores by deriving fine bubbles, and to activate cells by delivering vibrations deep into the skin.

Massager A face massager tool facial device. By massaging the lymph glands, it is expected to improve sagging and swelling of the face line.

Ion induction A facial ionizer that applies weak electricity to the ionized skin and uses the repulsive effect of "negative" charged agents on each other to penetrate deep into the skin. In many cases, a special lotion, serum, or sheet mask is required for ion induction.

There are also facial machines that have an "ion delivery" function, which absorbs waste matter in the skin by passing a "positive" charge of electricity, which also requires special lotion and cotton.

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) EMS is a facial device that stimulates facial muscles by using low-frequency electricity. By promoting blood circulation and strengthening muscles, it is expected to lift up the face and improve skin elasticity.

Steam Facial device that can produce steam fine hot and cold steam. In addition to lifting dirt from pores and making it easier to remove, the hot and cold steam is expected to reduce swelling and increase the penetration of lotion and beauty essence.

Recommended for women in their 40s

A great many types of facial device are sold by home appliance and beauty device manufacturers. Here we introduce well-known facial device by type. Check out the ones that suit your skin problems.

Liberata LaLaLuce RF

Produced by actress Aya Sugimoto, this handy facial machine uses RF (radio frequency) and EMS to produce collagen and lift the face line. In addition to the core pulse function that delivers the ingredients of basic cosmetics deep into the skin, it also has an LED function that helps skin turnover. It can be used for 5 minutes a day. The dry-cell battery system does not require recharging, so it can be used in spare time for skin care.

L&L Skin VIA

It's a RF facial device that is attached to the face and neck. Three types are available: one for the lower half of the face, one for the eye area, and one for the neck area.

The time required for use is 10 minutes a day. The wearable type allows users to do household chores and exercise while wearing it, and the waterproof type can be used while bathing. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee after purchase.

Ya-Man Photo Plus EX

This model is available only through the official Ya-Man mail-order website, which has a top-class name recognition and track record as a facial device manufacturer. It is equipped with six different modes for cleansing, moisturizing, eye area care, EMS, warming, cooling, and other skin care functions, allowing users to perform complex skin care with a single machine. If you use the regular course, you will receive a discount on the main unit and two types of exclusive pads (RF booster pads), and after the second use, only the booster pads, which are consumables, will be delivered free of charge.

How to choose and use a facial device

To choose the right facial device for you, it is important not only to check which type works on what kind of skin problems, but also to be aware of the ease of use for you, such as the time and frequency of use per day and running costs.

In most cases, you will only be able to feel the effects of a facial device if you continue to use it for a certain period of time. Therefore, choose a type of facial device that you can easily continue to use in your daily life, such as one that you can use during your morning and evening skin care routines or one that you can use while taking a bath.

It is also essential to get a good 7 hours of sleep and eat a well-balanced diet in order to have beautiful skin. When taking intensive skin care with a facial care device, it is also a good idea to be aware of adjusting your lifestyle, such as avoiding smartphones and alcohol consumption before going to bed.


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